The RD-100-NEMA4X was designed for indoor office use with a recommended viewing distance between 1 and 10 feet and a maximum recommended distance of 25 feet.ย  Typical applications include truck and axle scales.ย  This unit comes withย  a mounting bracket that can be mounted to any wall, desk, or ceiling.




bullet Polypropylene Enclosure (RD-100-NEMA4X)
bullet Multiple units in a single enclosure (see Custom Items Pics)
bullet Wireless
bullet 4-20 mA converter

Product Specifications

bullet Input – 20 mA Current Loop / RS232 / RS422/485
bullet Baud Rates – 300 to 19200
bullet Voltage – 120 volts AC 60 Hz or 7.5-12 volts DC
bullet Watts5 watts
bullet Enclosure – Plastic case
bullet Dimensions – (7″L x 6″H x 3″D) – Standard Unit